Dr. Jared Ure  

Dr Jared Ure

Dr Ure has practiced and volunteered in community clinics and foreign countries, as well as military and civilian practice settings. No matter his surroundings, he is passionate about dental health. He has completed, and continues to pursue rigorous continuing education opportunities to perfect his craft.

Ure family photo

Dr Ure feels strongly that God, family, and country are his top priorities in life–dentistry is just something he is lucky to be able to do. He and his wife are continually amazed and entertained by the little wonders they get to call their children.

Dr Jared Ure

Dr Ure has received many awards during his life and career, but several that he is most proud of include the Air Force Commendation Medal (DOD), the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge in Gold (DOD), Eagle Scout Award (BSA), Lifelong Learner Award (MWU), and a “fun dad” award from his son.